The H-2B Program's Recruitment Requirements for Prospective Employers

The JTP Agency
November 30, 2023

The H-2B program allows U.S. employers to temporarily hire non-immigrant workers for non-agricultural jobs. To ensure that qualified U.S. workers are given a fair opportunity to apply for these positions, prospective H-2B employers must adhere to specific recruitment requirements. These requirements are designed to promote a fair and equitable hiring process for both U.S. and foreign workers.

General Recruitment Obligations

Prospective H-2B employers must undertake a comprehensive recruitment effort to demonstrate their commitment to hiring qualified U.S. workers before resorting to foreign labor. This includes conducting various recruitment activities, such as:

  • Placing newspaper advertisements in a newspaper of general circulation serving the area of intended employment
  • Contacting former U.S. employees who worked in the same occupation and location within the past year
  • Notifying the appropriate union(s) if the occupation or industry is customarily unionized
  • Posting the job opening at the worksite or in other conspicuous locations

Employers must also accept and hire any applicants who are qualified and available for the position. Rejections of U.S. applicants must be based on lawful, job-related reasons, and employers must maintain documentation to support these decisions.

Advertising the Job Opportunity

Newspaper advertisements play a crucial role in informing U.S. workers about available H-2B positions. These advertisements must be placed on two separate days, one of which must be a Sunday, in a newspaper with a wide circulation in the area of intended employment. The advertisements must contain specific information about the job, including the employer's name and contact information, the geographic location of the work, a description of the duties and responsibilities, the wage offer, and other relevant terms and conditions of employment.

Additional Recruitment Measures

Beyond newspaper advertisements, prospective H-2B employers may be required to undertake additional recruitment efforts to reach a wider pool of U.S. workers. These measures may include:

  • Contacting community-based organizations that work with potential job seekers
  • Posting the job opening on the employer's website or other online platforms
  • Utilizing professional, trade, or ethnic publications to reach specific demographics

Recruitment Report and Recordkeeping

Employers must prepare a detailed recruitment report that outlines the results of their recruitment activities. This report should include the names and contact information of all U.S. applicants, whether they were offered the job or rejected, and the reasons for any rejections. Additionally, employers must maintain copies of all recruitment documentation, such as newspaper advertisements, contact logs, and the recruitment report, for a minimum of three years.

Disclosure of Agreements with Foreign Recruiters

Transparency is crucial in the H-2B program. Employers must disclose any agreements they have with foreign recruiters to the Certifying Officer. This disclosure ensures that the recruitment process is conducted fairly and ethically, without any undue influence from foreign labor brokers.

Consequences of Noncompliance

Failure to comply with the H-2B program's recruitment requirements can have significant consequences for employers. They may face denial of certification, fines, or even debarment from the program, preventing them from hiring H-2B workers in the future.


The H-2B program's recruitment requirements are designed to protect the rights of U.S. workers while also allowing employers to access temporary foreign labor when necessary. By adhering to these requirements, prospective H-2B employers can demonstrate their commitment to fair hiring practices and ensure a smooth and compliant application process.

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