Communicating Employee Rights

The JTP Agency
February 9, 2024

Important information regarding the rights and protections afforded to workers under the H-2 Visa Program. Here's a breakdown of the key points mentioned:

  1. Sworn Statement: Workers sign a sworn declaration letter affirming their compliance with program requirements and acknowledging their awareness of their rights as outlined in the "Know your rights" pamphlet.
  2. Hotline Acknowledgement: Workers are informed of resources available to them, including a hotline for assistance in Spanish and contact information for the National Human Trafficking Hotline.
  3. Pre-Departure Briefing: Workers receive information about the employment process, their rights under U.S. law, the terms of their employment contract, and support services provided during their stay abroad.
  4. Job Information: Workers are informed about their assigned U.S. state, job responsibilities, salary, payment frequency, and their right to accommodation and transportation.
  5. Worker Rights: Workers have the right to fair pay, freedom from discrimination, harassment, and exploitation, a healthy and safe workplace, access to union and labor rights groups, and the ability to leave abusive employment situations.
  6. Specific Rights for H-2 Visa Workers: H-2 visa workers should not have to pay fees to labor recruiters, must receive a written work contract in Spanish, should be paid fairly, and are entitled to transportation and subsistence benefits.
  7. Importance of Implementing Measures: The document emphasizes the importance of implementing these measures to ensure the collective success of the program and the empowerment of the workforce.

By clearly communicating these rights and providing support to workers, the program aims to create a positive and respectful workplace environment that values the well-being of every employee.