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US Embassy USA ask to report scammers for work visa procedures

According to a consular officer of that diplomatic headquarters, in previous years they identified between 20 and 30 cases of fraud. Given the offer of temporary visas to work in the United States, the US embassy in the country launched a campaign to prevent fraud in the processing of H2A and H2B visas .

John Slover , consular officer, emphasized that no person should pay for the process to people who do not provide complete information about the job opportunity in the United States. According to the official, in previous years, between 20 and 30 cases have been identified where recruiters or intermediaries contact Guatemalans to do the process and request up to Q70 thousand or property titles to obtain the visa, but when they arrive at the embassy, ​​they do not have the appointment. The embassy official commented that in past years, 9,000 interviews for H2A visas were attended, but did not provide details of how many were approved.

Slover commented that the demand for temporary visas to work this way is done by companies in the United States requesting the State Department to look for labor, so this information is transferred to the Ministry of Labor.

The officer asked to report any collection contacts to carry out the visa process, either H2A which is for employment in the sector in the agricultural sector or H2B, which is not in that activity, but both are temporary.

The United States embassy in the country made available the telephone number 2326-4600 or in the mail to confirm whether the job opportunity is true and asked to report any kind of scam to the Public Ministry, since the Temporary visa program is to provide credible opportunities to work in the United States.

Finally, he indicated that the only costs that the interested party must pay to the visa is the cost of the visa that is US $ 190 and the air ticket, which the company must reimburse.

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